Color Effects®

create a spectacular light show

GE branded products have a proud tradition of setting new trends in holiday lighting. Our newest Color Effects® LED light sets feature 7 colors, 53 functions, and an easy to use remote control. These LEDs provide a full-spectrum of color changing light and are available in a variety of styles from string sets to pathway sets. Add excitement and dazzle to your holiday decorating display with Color Effects® color changing LED lights. 



Color Choice®


Having to choose what color light set to decorate the house and Christmas tree with used to be difficult. Thanks to Color Choice® LED light sets, you can have multiple choices on one set! The control box on these sets allows you to choose between two different light colors and several festive light shows. Options available include warm white/multicolor, warm white/cool white, and cool white/blue. 

Energy Smart®


Energy Smart® LED light sets are the premier LED light sets in the marketplace. With ConstantON® technology, your set continues operating even if an LED is burned out or loose. The patented LIFE PLUGS on our ENERGY STAR Certified sets ensure that our LEDs will maintain an average life of 20,000 hours or more. Available styles include our Colorite® LEDs that provide the warm, traditional glow of incandescent lights with the benefits of energy saving LEDs.

US Patents: 5,777,868 ; 6,869,313 ; 7,609,006





The StayBright® LED family of holiday lighting products provide energy efficient holiday decorating solutions that won't break the bank. The replaceable, cool to touch, and break-resistant LEDs are ENERGY STAR Certified and will brighten your holiday decorating for many seasons. In addition to traditional lighting styles, the StayBright® LED family features our MicroBright collection, which provides an ultra-bright point of light holiday decorating option, and LED tape lights, a versatile, weather hardened option for the true outdoor decorating professional.

Random Sparkle LED

Festive, energy saving holiday sparkle

Add a touch of sparkling beauty to your holiday decorating this year with Random Sparkle LED light sets. Available in a variety of styles, these new light sets provide up to 80% energy savings. Whether you are looking to decorate indoor or outdoor spaces, you can count on these sets to sparkle with brilliant light, creating a festive and gorgeous atmosphere.

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