iTwinkle Wi-Fi Notice

After continued testing of the iTwinkle Wi-Fi product line, Nicolas Holiday, Inc. has determined that with the latest iOS and Android updates, an intended hardware/software interaction that enables one of the features (Local Wi-Fi Connection) is not improvable by an iTwinkle App update at this time. We are continuing to work for a resolution.
The iTwinkle Wi-Fi set was designed to work in two ways:

  1. Direct Connection: This method uses the Wi-Fi function as a ‘remote control’ to enable greater numbers of connectable sets than the previous Bluetooth version. Users can code multiple sets, and then control the sets when they are connected to the first iTwinkle Wi-Fi set’s Wi-Fi network. Single sets can also be operated via this method. The intent for this method was control of sets outside of the range of local Wi-Fi networks. The Direct Connection method of operation is working without problems and can be utilized by consumers.
  2. Local Wi-Fi Connection: The intended function of this feature was to enable users to link their coded sets to a Wi-Fi router, allowing them to control the sets while connected to the same Wi-Fi network that the sets were linked to. 

As the “Local Wi-Fi Connection” performance has not lived up to Nicolas Holiday’s expectations, Nicolas Holiday has proactively removed the “Local Wi-Fi Connection” option for controlling the iTwinkle Wi-Fi sets via an App update at this time.

We are fully confident in the performance of the iTwinkle Wi-Fi sets using the Direct Connection feature and there are no safety risks or concerns involved with changing the App.